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Keiki Class Tuition Price

Jr-Adult Tuition Price 

  • Tuition rates intended for classes taken by one person.

  • There are no make-up or rollover classes. 

  • Monthly payment is due at the start of the 4-week period.  Late payment fee is $15.

  • $30 fee for returned checks.

  • If paying by cash, exact change only.

  • Rehearsals and performances may replace regular classes. Show rehearsals are not included with Tuition.

  • Performance participation is dependent on meeting all performance requirements, including attending all classes and rehearsals. No refunds for not being allowed to perform.

  • Class times, locations, rates and policies subject to change.

  • NO REFUNDS After 2nd Week of the Semester


Class Descriptions


 Keiki Dance is for children ages 5 to 8.  "Open Classes" are for an “open” age range of students. Students 9 and up are welcome in "Open Classes;"    however, instruction is conducted with an adult focus. Please consult the director at (808) 221-4613 with any questions.

 I like to dance because whenever I do I feel free. I am in a whole new world. It is fun to always keep moving, flowing, and GROWING. Dance is a way to express my feelings and passion. It is a way to let go of my worries and think about my future.


I joined XStatic Dance Studio because it is a great balance of fun and discipline. 


-- Chelley, 12

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Keiki Dance


For our littlest dancers (ages 4.5 to 8), this class is a fun introduction to basic dance moves, including hip hop and jazz.


While warming up and dancing to upbeat music, keiki dancers ignite their imagination, develop their creative expression and music appreciation as well as their ability to comprehend and retain complex instructions.


In a nurturing environment, they'll make friends, develop self-discipline and coordination, and gain confidence.


Keiki Dance is a great way to harness all of that wonderful energy, allowing your child to shine!


What to Wear:

Comfortable clothes that will allow for movement, shoes (e.g., athletic or sneakers). Long hair pulled back away from face in pony tail/pig tails.

Jazz 1


Jazz is a form of dance that has borrowed from many dance forms and styles such as Broadway, classical ballet, and modern.


Classes begin with stretching and strength-building exercises to warm up the body. 

Learn body isolations, and stylized contemporary techniques including patterns, turns, leaps, and jumps.


Across-the-floor exercises and choreographed routines finish out an enjoyable and dynamic class that enables the dancer to retain movements in muscle memory.


What to Wear:

Comfortable, fitted clothing that will show your postural alignment; jazz shoes, half-soles (or thin socks), or barefoot. No jeans, shorts, skirts or bare-midriff tops. Long hair pulled back away from face. 


Jazz 1:

For beginning to intermediate dance students. 


Jazz 2:

For intermediate to advanced dance students. Students with at least 2 years of dance training.

Hip Hop - All Levels


Hip hop classes utilize upbeat music from various genres, in addition to the latest Hip Hop hits. The result is a fun, energetic class in which you will learn hip hop moves and techniques as well as develop your rhythm and precision. 


Classes begin with a warm up -- stretching, body isolations, and abdominal and arm strengthening exercises.  The class continues with urban steps across the floor and dance choreography.


What to Wear:

Baggy pants (e.g., sweat pants, harem pants, nylon warmups), T-shirt/tank top, and shoes (e.g., athletic or sneakers). No jeans, skirts or bare-midriff tops. Long hair pulled back away from face. 


Beginning Hip Hop for Teens & Adults:

For beginning  to intermediate hip hop students 13 years and up.


Hip Hop 1:

For beginning  to intermediate hip hop students.


Hip Hop 2:

For intermediate/advanced dance students. Students with at least 2 years of dance training.


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